People are like Clothes

As I sit here in my bed staring at the pictures that are hanging on the wall above my closet, I can’t help but realize that the people in these pictures are a lot like the clothes in my closet. Some of these pictures date back to high school and others are from this year but one thing strikes me as I look at the collection: things change.

I’ve never been the type of girl who has a million friends and everybody loves. I guess I’m a little…what’s the word? Intense. Anyway, I’ve always had friends and got along with people, but never any deep relationships. As I look at these pictures, I realize that many of the people in them are no longer in my life. That’s fine though because there are a few that are and I know that they always will be.

This takes me back to my point: people are like clothes. Fashion is such a fleeting industry and it’s always changing. The trends of this season are the bargain buys of the next and the trash of the next. There are those people in your life that you love for a little bit but then disappear out of your life. These people are like flare jeans or crop tops or, god forbid, canadian tuxedos. Shudder.

Then there is the other type of people, and I’m glad I can count myself lucky enough to have found them. They’re the little back dresses of people. You may not always wear them, but they’re always there for you when you need them. They never go out of style. (Cue Taylor Swift)

Coming to Cincinnati, I didn’t know anything about the girls who would become my teammates outside of what I could gather creeping on them through every form of social media possible. At worst, I would have to tolerate them for at least four years and find friends elsewhere. At best, I would find my second family. Luckily for me, the latter of the two was the result. Over the course of my three years on the UCXC team, there have been many girls to come and go, but six of us have remained. Three seniors and three juniors. My sisters, my best friends, my little black dresses. I really don’t know what I would do without them. I’m really glad I’ll never have to find out.

We may argue and fight and spend semesters separated by co-ops and injuries, but one thing remains constant and it’s that we can never stay apart for long. Apologies can go unspoken and endless snapchats of “I MISS YOU COME HOME” can be exchanged and the end result is always the same: bottles of wine and dancing around our apartments while we proclaim our love for each other. We are each other’s biggest fans and our reality slaps. We share our dreams and sometimes we share boys. But mostly, we share clothes and skinnygirl. Six girls means six times the clothes and six times the alcohol. Sounds like a pretty good situation to me.

I know I’ll move away and have to make new friends someday but they will never be able to replace these girls. These girls amaze me, inspire me, and keep me humbled. They are the reason I get up ridiculously early to run around a golf course. They truly are the best people on the planet and finding more of them will be a struggle. My advice to you, find these people, cherish these people, never let these people go. These people are so very important and you will need them more than you realize. Congrats UCXC, you’ve set the bar high.


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