The Very Best Day

June 3, 2015 a.k.a the best day of the year a.k.a National Running Day!

I’ve been running for almost half of my life and arguably the most important years of my life. It hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows and fast times, a majority of that time was actually spent crying, injured, and/or wishing I had picked a different sport. I wouldn’t trade the countless hours spent on the roads, woods, and track for anything though because at the end of the road, it’s all been worth it. It’s been a long and tough journey to get where I am today and this is only the beginning. I’m more in love with my sport now than ever before and I can’t wait for my break to be over so that I can get back out there and log some miles. Running has taught me so much so I thought I would share some of these nuggets with you in honor of today.

So here they are, the “golden nuggets” of running:

  1. Whether you come in first or whether you come in last, you still beat everyone who never showed up to the line.
  2. The pain you feel now will be the reward you feel later.
  3. Smile. Chances are you’ll get one back. It’ll make you feel 10x better.
  4. Water is the true elixir of the gods. You need it. Drink it.
  5. You’d be surprised how early you can make yourself get out of bed when the reward is watching the sun rise while on a run.
  6. Addiction is a real and difficult thing to overcome. I’m glad I’m addicted to running and not drugs.
  7. Watching track/cross country is just as exciting as running it. But I’d still rather be running.
  8. There’s nothing more relaxing or grounding than a run through the woods.
  9. The people you meet through running will be some of the best people in your life.
  10. You can do so much more than you think.
  11. The human body is an amazing thing. Cherish it. Treat it with the respect it deserves.
  12. You were born to run.

Happy National Running Day everyone!